Sinop University also houses one of the most exceptional Erasmus facilities active around Europe: The Erasmus House. Being built as a triplex building complex within the green zone of our University’s upper campus it welcomes all our Erasmus partners.

Open to the use of each visitor free of charge for a month it supplies sufficient and secure accommodation opportunities. Self-sufficient with both wind and sun energy, Erasmus House includes offices for the staff of the Erasmus coordinatorship, a mini library and most importantly accommodation facilities.

The third floor of the Erasmus House includes three separate sections for accommodation: Girls Dormitory, Boys Dormitory and private rooms for academicians. Each unit is supplied with private bathrooms and kitchens.

Dormitories are capable of housing 3 students at the same time. Academician rooms can accommodate two people at once. Warm water for bathing, drinkable water, coffee machines-toasters-ovens and other kitchen facilities as well as free Wi-fi service warmly awaits our guests within The Erasmus House.