Deriving its name from the mythical Greek River Nymph “Sinope”, Sinop is a peninsular city located at the northernmost point of Anatolia, known as the “cradle of civilizations”. Sinop is one of the most popular tourist attraction points of the Black Sea coast of Turkey thanks to its nature, sea, warm people and rich culture. The hinterland of Sinop houses many lakes rich in water, exceptional natural beauties like “fjords”, admirable waterfalls topped with a delightful cuisine rich in fresh fish meals and pastries.

Being a location where the “blue meets the green” Sinop is a peaceful, unpolluted and animal-friendly city. It is most famed as being continuously elected the “Happiest City in Turkey”. Thus it will not take too much time for any newcomer to adapt themselves to the life of this Black Sea port city.


Sinop University holds more than 30 agreements with more than 10 different European countries. Both the city and its surrounding geography offer many opportunities for the visiting members of our ever-growing Erasmus+ family. The city is easily accessible via domestic flights that take off from two different airports of İstanbul, the international transport capital of Turkey. Students visiting Sinop can take small bus tours for seeing the extraordinary green nature of the Black Sea or visit Ankara, the famed capital of Turkey. İstanbul, on the other hand, is only a 1-hour flight distance to Sinop making it an easily accessed destination even for short weekend trips.

Local enjoyments at Sinop vary a lot from beaches to long walks in nature, sightseeing visits to lakes, fjords, canyons or historical monuments, tasting of local and high-quality food for cheap prices as well as varied entertainment opportunities in bars, cafes or music halls.

Sinop is also an easygoing accommodation destination. At Sinop University we are proud to have the opportunities for hosting each visitor, student or academician alike, free of charge for a month within our specially built “Erasmus House”! The city itself is rich in various seaside or urban accommodation facilities ranging from hotels to camping areas and hostels with which we have special deals.

Our University also presents many opportunities to visiting students. Our guests of Erasmus can enjoy a pleasant time in our universities library, entertain themselves with the opportunities of the Student Leisure Centre or keep themselves fit with activities that they will do in the Grand Stadium, indoor sports halls or private courts.

Sinop University also stands out as a centre of science for visiting students. Rich in Biology, Fishery, Chemistry and Archaeology labs it offers many opportunities for visiting students to conduct experiments or do first hand studies on material from their areas of education.